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Paseo de Colón [The Columbus’ Promenade]

This seaside promenade, now pedestrian, symbolises the great urban and tourist development which the town underwent in the 1960s. From this time dates the typical scene of Lázaro the Camel Man, who took tourists for a ride on the backs of his three Fuerteventura camels. Some years ago this street was transformed into a broad pedestrian promenade next to the terrace bars of the Martiánez coast. At one end there is the Plaza de los Reyes Católicos [the Plaza to the Catholic Monarchs], where there was erected a monument in memory of Francisco de Miranda, one of the forerunners of South American independence and a son of Puerto parents. In the same square is the train stop for the mini-train which takes tourists free of charge to the LORO PARQUE.

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