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The Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church is in the Taoro Park and is yet another reminder of the considerable English community which established itself in this area of town in the XIXth Century. The church is built in English neo-Gothic style. The foundation stone was laid on 7th May 1890 by the widow of Mr Charles Spencer. The first design was by the English architect Mr Franey, but it was Walter F. Woods who completed it. Its layout, materials and decoration in neo-Gothic with Anglo-Saxon and Irish reminiscences makes it a piece of Great Britain transplanted overseas. Its historicism coincides with the Victorian world view, and represents elements foreign to the Islands’ architectural tradition. The church was raised by money donated by foreign visitors and British residents, an amount exceeding two thousand pounds Sterling. The organ, pulpit, the floor tiles, the stained-glass windows, the font and the altar rail were all private donations. The manse and the altar piece were gifts from the mother of Mr Boreham and other members of his family. In 1964 the Anglican Church came under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Gibraltar.

Iglesia Anglicana

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