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Church of San Francisco [Saint Francis] and the Chapel to San Juan [Saint John]

This church and the adjoining chapel to John the Baptist are nowadays one single building. The chapel, situated in the street of the same name and that of San Amaro [Saint Amarus] in La Paz are the two oldest buildings still in existence in the Municipality. It was built between 1599 and 1608 by the stonemason Juan de Tejera. Next to it stands the Church of San Francisco which is all that remains of the former Franciscan convent. The church was built in the years following 1609 on the foundation of a previously existing chapel. Outstanding among its various religious and artistic possessions is the image of St John the Baptist from the XVIIth Century and said to be by Andrés de Ocampo and that of Christ, the only known work by the Tenerife artist Domingo Pérez Donis from the first half of the XVIIth Century, with articulated arms to allow it to be taken down before processions.

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